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QALF (un acronyme signifiant « Qui Aime Like Follow ») est le quatrième album studio du rappeur belge Damso, sorti le 18 septembre 2020 (réédité le 29 avril 2021 sous le nom QALF infinity) sous le label Trente-quatre Centimes, label indépendant du rappeur. Buy Qalf Tour Merch Here!

Qalf Tour Merch

About Qalf Tour Merch

QALF (an acronym meaning “Qui Aime Like Follow”) is the fourth studio album by Belgian rapper Damso, released on September 18, 2020 (re-released on April 29, 2021 under the name QALF infinity) under the label Trente-quatre Centimes, an independent label from the rapper. The project has been in preparation since 2015, five years before its release1. Its name is an acronym meaning “Qui Aime Like Follow”1. This expression is often used by Damso since its beginnings.

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Qalf Tour Merch

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