Damso lights up Montreal with a sold out show

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Belgian rapper Damso brought his QALF tour for a very long awaited show in Montreal, Canada. Damso is on tour in support of his 3X platinum album QALF released in 2021. Fans were so eager to finally see Damso live again after 4 years.

A minute before the start of his set, the whole crowd chanted “Damso” watching the countdown on the big hitting zero. Damso made a memorable entrance raising his hand with his fingers in the shape of a “V” and kicked off the show with “O. OG”.

As the chorus of “X. ZWAAR Part. 1” comes along, flames are lighting up the diamond shaped stage. The whole show included breathtaking lighting and visual effects on the huge screen in the back. The music videos of “Démons” featuring Angèle and “Dégaine” featuring Aya Nakamura were playing while Damso sang his parts of the songs.

It’s without a doubt Damso is one of the most talented rapper, he proves his title performing acapella “freestyle OKLM” joined by the crowd who knew every single line.

As the night was coming to an end, Damso sat down on a stool to perform “Chialer” and “Coeur En Miettes” leaving the chance to the crowd to rest as they’ve been jumping for the past hour. The arena was lit up by phone lights creating an intimate ambience.

Finishing the memorable night, Damso performs “Morose” as the saxophone outro leads to his final song “Amnesie” after which he thanked the crowd for such an amazing night.

With a 39 songs setlist, everyone definitely got to hear their favourite Damso song and the audience left with the memories of one of the most incredible nights of their lives. 

Damso will be performing another sold out show at Place Bell in Montreal tonight as the last show of his QALF tour and as the first artist selling out 2 shows in a row at this venue.

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